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3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shade Control for Your Media Room

Media rooms are a great way to get a theater experience from the comfort of your own home. After all, in what other instance could you have a classic movie marathon in your pajamas while viewing these movies with theater quality sound and visuals? Creating a media room can be fun, but getting the most out of these experiences can be enhanced with a few different changes. Things like orienting the room correctly and having professional installation are great steps to take. If you have a media room, you could possibly benefit from motorized shade controls. Here are three reasons to consider adding motorized shade control to your media room:

  1. Better viewing and sound quality– If your media room has a lot of windows, it might be causing problems with glare or light when you’re trying to watch your television. In addition to too much light, however, motorized shade controls can help with sound as well. Sound has a hard time bouncing off glass, so you might find yourself with better sound once the glass is covered.
  2. motorized shade controls can help with sound as well

  3. Convenient- Motorized shade control is the ultimate in convenience, especially if you have many or large windows. Because all you need to do is push a button, you don’t have to worry about closing all the drapes before settling in to enjoy your media room. Instead, you can push a button and enjoy the motorized shade controls from your seat!
  4. Luxurious– Motorized shade control feels luxurious, giving your media room an upgraded feeling.

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