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Bring Your Office into the 21st Century
with Integrated Room Control

When it comes to smart home monitoring, these systems are equally important to have in your office or commercial spaces. Not only can integrated room control make your life easier, but it can also increase efficiency and save your business a good chunk of money.

Integrated Room Control

Integrated room control can help you lower business energy expenses using automated building systems, such as energy efficient smart lighting, fans, blinds, and a smart HVAC system.  Imagine a thermostat that understands how many people are in a room and can adjust the fans in the office to make it suitable based on how many people are in the room. You can do that and so much more with an integrated room controller.

Many businesses continue to use old systems because they just don’t see the value — or the priority — in upgrading to a smart system with integrated room control. These old systems have limited user access and require technicians to program and service complicated systems, which can increase the cost of maintenance substantially. With integrated room control, there is a capitalization on wireless networking, which significantly reduces the time and cost required for installation.

Here at Hot Wired Audio Visual, Inc. we care about your Lake Norman, North Carolina business. We’ll quickly install your programs and provide support whenever you need, but we will ensure first and foremost that you know how to use your integrated room control system, so you can manage it easily and independently. Call us today to learn more about how we can upgrade your business’ energy efficiency with integrated room control.