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Common Mistakes Made with High-End Home Theater Speakers

Investing in high-end home theater speakers and a surround system is one of the most rewarding things you can do to enhance television and movie viewing, music appreciation, and other entertainment device experiences. What you don’t want to do is make a mistake that detracts from the benefits you want to enjoy. Here are the most common mistakes made with high-end home theater speakers:

1.   Not installing all the components. You can’t get a full experience if you leave the center channel speaker or another component in the box because you lack the time or expertise to deal with it. The most common reason for leaving something out is not knowing how to get the wiring done, but that can be easily remedied by calling a professional installer.

enjoying the result of high-end home theater speakers

2.   Not planning for later upgrades. Once you start enjoying the result of high-end home theater speakers, you’re going to want to keep up with the times and technology, so be sure to purchase equipment that is upgradeable.

3.   Struggling with multiple remotes. By the time you put a media room package together, you could have several remotes to juggle. That is far from being a fun experience. There are many ways to go about automating your system so you can control everything with one device.

4.   Not accounting for heat and ventilation. Electronics put off heat, and that is especially a problem if you stuff components into a small space without proper ventilation. A professional will help you organize everything right so that more sensitive components are protected from overheating.

5.   Improper speaker phase. Your goal is to have an additive system, not a subtractive one. How the speakers are connected is critical to getting the performance you want.

6.   Using the wrong cables or wiring. If you are going to put money into high-end home theater speakers, don’t skimp on the cables and wiring. If you do, you are defeating the purpose. However, it might surprise you that the highest priced options might not really be necessary or worth the added price tag. How far you are running the cables will dictate just how high of quality you should go.

If you want to avoid all these common mistakes and a few uncommon ones too, give us a call at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. We have more than 15 years of experience and keep up with cutting-edge advances in the industry to provide you with the best options for high-end home theater speakers and installation of your surround sound system.