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Don’t Take the Risk: Why You Need
Home Security Monitoring

Keeping your home safe is the most important thing in the world when you’ve got precious ones and things to look after. When you use a home security company to look after your home, they’ll know first if something is going on in your home. With home security monitoring, you’ll be the first to know. 

Home Security Monitoring

There are so many ways to integrate home security monitoring into your home. Home security cameras can be integrated into your smart home system and work similarly to motion detectors in how they sense movement. You’ll have real-time feedback for exactly what is happening on your property at all times.

Home security monitoring can be implemented in your Lake Norman, North Carolina home anywhere; you can monitor the porch to make sure your packages arrive on time and aren’t stolen, you can install traditional nanny-cams, or you can even have one to check in on the family dog throughout the day. If your security needs to continue into the night, we also have a wide variety of cameras that offer night-vision, so you can always feel safe.

Our home security monitoring systems offer high-level access for your needs. If you need to speak to the person you are viewing for whatever reason, two-way audio cameras provide the ability to live-stream directly to your smartphone or tablet. Best of all, if security truly matters to you more than anything, you can connect your smart indoor and outdoor cameras with other security devices as a part of a larger home security system.

Your home security monitoring doesn’t have to be just cameras; it can also include door and entry sensors, motion sensors, and an audible alarm system. Call us today at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. to learn more about the high-tech home security monitoring systems available today.