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Getting Creative with Media Rooms

Media rooms are becoming much more commonplace! It seems that with the ability to install quality stereo equipment and screens with crystal viewing at home is making these rooms a great way to spend time at home. If you are thinking about adding a media room to your existing home or working it into the plans of a new build, you’re certainly not alone! Here are a few ways that you can get creative when it comes to having a media room in your home.

get creative with your media rooms

If you aren’t sure how you’ll fit a media room into your existing space, it might be time to get creative with locations! Converting an unused or rarely-used garage can give you great space with an ideal layout for great acoustics. Be careful with this idea, however, if you intend to sell your home down the line. Another area to look at is space above the garage. Many times, these bonus rooms are a catch-all for garbage. With the right furnishings and preparations, bonus rooms make perfect media room spaces!

Another solution to media room location is to use an area like an office or living room and make it do secret double-duty as a media room. Many family rooms are equipped with comfortable furnishings already. With the addition of a slide-down projector screen and some discreet cabinetry, your media room can blend right in with usual living. You can also look into design ideas that can conceal a big-screen television into the décor.

If you’re looking for ways to get creative with your media rooms, come see us at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. where our creativity abounds!