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Going Beyond Home Automation to Smart Cities

While many of us are eagerly involved in adding home automation features to our residence, there are companies actively involved in creating smart cities that will ultimately change our lives in big ways. For example, Las Vegas is currently working on a massive $500 million, 7-year plan to be an official smart city. They are one of many with roughly $34 billion earmarked to create nearly 90 smart cities around the globe. As people embrace home automation, business automation, and even smart cars, it stands to reason that our cities will need to be enhanced to keep up.

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The benefits of home automation extend to saving time and energy, as well as making your home more secure. The benefits of a smart city are much the same, but on a much larger scale. For example, utilizing technology to improve traffic flow will save you time, fuel costs, and even vehicle maintenance costs. Enhanced security measures reduce crime and increase the odds of catching criminals and prosecuting them successfully. Quicker response to emergency calls is another benefit citizens will enjoy in a smart city. There are plenty of benefits that can be achieved with smart city technology already, and with the rapid rate of technological advances, the potential is infinite.

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