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How You Can Make Your Life Easier With
Smart Home Automation

Every few years, a new and wonderful technology is developed that becomes a must-have in the home. TVs brought the outdoor world indoors with high-resolution display, and casting plugins give you the opportunity to stream content from any device. Smart home automation is a revolutionary advancement in technology that affects nearly every part of the home. Video and audio equipment, security, kitchen hardware . . . even well-being products can all be automated.

Smart Home Automation

Imagine never having to worry on your way to work if you locked the door to your Lake Norman, North Carolina home. With smart home automation, you can have auto-locking and unlocking front doors. The automation options don’t just give you peace of mind — they’ll also help streamline every aspect of your morning routine; you can even have a coffee maker that starts brewing your morning cup the same time your alarm goes off.

At Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc., our friendly and expert staff would love to sit down and get to know you better to better recommend the best smart home automation solutions that can revolutionize your home. We’ll take the time to find out which tasks you do in a typical day and take a load off your daily routine by automating what we can.

The best part is that while smart home automation programs can change on a day-to-day basis, your automated objects can match your weekday and weekend routines. Our staff will show you that smart home automation isn’t just a gimmick or a fad; we can perform complex integration, so you have a fluid home automation setup where there are lots of moving and communicating parts like a beautiful orchestra working to make your life easier, without you even noticing. Stop by our store in Lake Norman and let us show you how you can make your life a lot easier with smart home automation!