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Key Benefits of Automated Motorized Shade Control

Window coverings are an important part of any room’s décor, and they play a functional part as well. The challenge is selecting the right window treatment for a variety of situations. If you sometimes want privacy and other times sunlight, one type of covering may not fit both purposes well. One way to overcome that problem is with motorized shade control. You will then be able to easily adjust the window treatment to your current need. To enhance that experience even more, consider automated motorized shade control.

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An automated system lets you control your blinds from the same central device that you control other factors in the room, such as the television, stereo, and lighting. You can even combine actions together so everything happens at once. For example, you are about to watch a movie, so with one command, the television comes on to your favorite movie channel or app, the lights dim, and the blinds lower for the optimal movie watching environment.

There are other benefits involved with motorized shade control as well. For example, there aren’t any cords or other controls that pose a strangulation hazard for children and pets. They are also ideal for windows that are difficult to reach or that have a large, heavy blind that would be difficult to manage. With an automated system, you can schedule blind opening or closing. This can be a great option for bedrooms where you’d like to awaken to sunlight pouring into the room as the blinds rise at the appointed time.

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