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Movie Night Enhancement – And It’s Not What You Think!

Most people realize that to have an excellent movie night experience at your home, you need to have invested in a great home theater system. However, once that is done, there is one more thing you need to know about to enhance every family movie night – popcorn! Whether you have an advanced system or one of the more budget home theater systems, experimenting with popcorn flavors can be a lot of fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but keep in mind you are limited only by your imagination!

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  • Bacon – Pop your popcorn with bacon fat instead of the oil you usually use, topping off the bowl of buttered popcorn with the cooked, crumbled bacon.
  • Cheesy – There are several ways to accomplish cheesy popcorn, including buying a specialty popcorn sprinkle product, utilizing the powdered cheese packet from boxed mac & cheese, or sprinkling parmesan cheese.
  • Season Salt – Take a stroll through your spice cabinet or the spice aisle at your grocery store for regular seasoned salt or any single or blend that strikes your fancy. Another idea is using the seasoning packet found in ramen noodles.
  • Sweet Ideas – Your popcorn can take a sweet note by using a dusting of maple sugar or consider adding maple syrup or another syrup to the butter before drizzling over the bowl. You can also take this sticky deliciousness and pop it into a 250-degree oven so it crisps up.
  • Buffalo Wing – Let’s face it, cooking up chicken wings is a time-consuming and messy job. You can get a similar flavor by mixing hot sauce in with the butter before drizzling over a bowl of popcorn. Another version is to use sriracha.
  • Garlic – Watching a vampire movie and want to get into the spirit of things? Consider heating some minced garlic into the butter or using granulated garlic for delicious garlic popcorn.
  • Add-Ins – Everybody in the pool! Think about other things that go great with popcorn, such as putting some nuts in the bottom of the bowl and letting the heat from the popcorn make them warm and yummy. M&Ms or chocolate chips are always a hit, too!

Here at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc., we can help you with home theater systems, either from scratch or to upgrade what you have so that when you make up one of these amazing popcorn versions, you and your family will enjoy every family movie night. You’ll have more fun than going to a movie theater and avoid the crowd and high popcorn prices in the process. We won’t mind if you invite us over – we love popcorn . . . and movies!