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Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Productivity with Integrated Room Control

“Productivity doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easily boosted through a manageable combination of the right tools, resources, and habits to make the most of your time.” -Caroline Ghosn

Throughout history, we have seen advances that have gone a long way to increasing productivity. For example, accountants and other financial positions have enjoyed astounding leaps from the days of the abacus and adding machines to the complex computerized options available today. The tools and resources are the key, and one of the most effective ones that can be utilized in any business is integrated room control. An added bonus is cutting costs for energy and equipment maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

integrated room control could make a difference
Integrated room control can involve occupancy sensors, door and window sensors, lighting control, CO2 ventilation control, and wireless communication features, depending on your application and desired objectives. The return on investment can be significant with as much as a 30% decrease in power usage and an increase in worker productivity. A report by the World Green Building Council in 2014 demonstrated:

  • Thermal comfort affects productivity – 4% reduction when too cold, 6% reduction when too warm.
  • Quality lighting poses many benefits, including reduction of headaches from eyestrain and more accurate task completion.
  • Better indoor air quality can improve productivity by 8 to 11 percent.

If you would like to investigate how integrated room control could make a difference at your company and learn about the options available, give us a call at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. We offer a variety of automated business control packages and telecommunication systems that can be the tools you need to make your business more profitable. Call today to learn more.