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Our Control Systems Posted by Audio Video Specialist September 6th, 2018


Home automation and control systems tailored to suit your lifestyle! Crestron designs, manufactures, and provides support for all of our control and automation products, making your life as simple as possible, and helping maintain a well-integrated and reliable smart home for you. The products are designed to work together, and have easy maintenance and upgrade capabilities. The technology will work seamlessly for you, to create a home that makes it easier to control your lighting, music, television, temperature, and more. Contact Hot Wired AV today to find out more about Crestron systems.

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Welcome to the new normal. Control4 uses innovative technology to make it easy for you and the whole family to enjoy and interact with your home. Whether you want to dim the lights with one touch, turn the heat up with a smartphone app, or play music with a voice command, Control4 makes it possible. Have all of your devices in your home connected how you want to in order to have the most personalized experience possible, and even set a schedule to have your home respond to your needs without any action from you. At Hot Wired AV, we are proud to be a Control4 dealer, to help turn your home into a smart home.

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