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Security, Lake Norman, NC and Hilton Head, SC Posted by Audio Video Specialist April 29th, 2019


Rely on us at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. to provide the home security solutions you require in Lake Norman and Hilton Head.

Protecting your home is one of the most important things on your priority list. Whether you want to be sure that you have eyes on your property at all times or you simply need to have something other than a standard locking feature for basic security purposes, you can rely on us at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. to provide the home security solutions you require.

Security System

Home Security System

There are many types of security systems on the market today, but they aren’t all created equal. We will be happy to recommend the security system that gives you confidence your home is protected always.

Security System

Home Access Control

We offer a home access control system that eliminates many of the problems involved with frequent guests and losing track of keys for your home.

Security Monitoring

Home Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is an ideal option when you want to remain informed any time something unexpected occurs on your property.

Access Control

Access control is ideal for many families for a variety of reasons. Your kids never need to worry about losing their keys, an access control system can include automatic locking features, and you’ll never have to worry that your security is compromised.

IP Cameras

IP Cameras

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras can often be an ideal addition for homeowners when video monitoring is preferred. With the ability to transfer images using an internet connection, these systems may be preferable to a CCTV system.

Whatever your home security requirements may be in the Lake Norman, NC or Hilton Head, SC areas, you can rely on us at Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc. for superior solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

At Hot Wired Audio Video, Inc., we install security systems for homes in Lake Norman, Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver, Cornelius, Charlotte, Blowing Rock, and Boone, North Carolina, as well as Hilton Head and Bluffton, South Carolina.


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